We are a pioneer in the use of sophisticated mobile health care services, haven recognized the need for medical services to be accessible by both the less privileged rural and the teeming urban population. At the invention of our product, we knew mobile health care services was the answer.

We have raised and trained highly professional medical teams to improve the life of many people who had never seen a doctor. This has graduated to a large industry to fill the world wide needs of providing mobile health services and also serves as employment/empowerment opportunity to various professionals and people in rural and urban areas.

To promote our mobile health concept in your area, you can fill and submit the form on the contact us page or call our customer care line to seal a booking for a free mobile health care services in your area.

Advantages of our free mobile health services:

1 Efficient delivery of healthcare: 

Many people are deprived of consistent, modern health care because of their location; they can be hundreds of miles away from the hospital or clinic, in a slum or depressed region, or in an area that is regularly underserved. Our properly equipped and designed mobile unit can deliver medical services on a regularly scheduled basis that people can depend on. 

Services can range from mini health talks/counseling, simple exams, blood pressure examination, fastening sugar tests; body mass index, weight checks, mammographic screening, and dental treatment e.t.c.

Patients tend to embrace the use of free mobile healthcare delivery because its cost free, don’t have to travel to a medical center, no long lines and bureaucracy.

2 Versatility: 

Because of our ability to move, we have been called into service for disaster response and national emergencies (vaccinations). We fill in the gap to making critical services available where there is issue with fixed medical sites. All these we have done voluntarily.

The staffs for our mobile health units are well qualified in their field and offer a level of consistency to patients. The technicians on board are experts in their field and offer quality services and care.

Our patients are receiving diagnoses and treatment they would never have received or would have to travel long distances to receive. There is no question or doubt millions of dollars and hundreds of lives are either saved or improved because of our mobile health services.

We provide you with the finest quality occupational health services while saving you time and money by bringing the services to your doorstep. We have many years of medical testing experience.

Our services includes but not limited to:

  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Fastening sugar tests
  • Body mass index
  • Weight check
  • Cholesterol
  • Audiometric testing
  • Mammography
  • Quantum Magnetic analyzing
  • Customized brand of bio energized water for events



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